Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

Global Entrepreneurship Week, supported through the Global Entrepreneurship Network, is a worldwide celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. ChicoSTART has been at the forefront of supporting and nurturing startups, and our participation as a GEW Community Organizer is a testament to our commitment to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. ChicoSTART is looking forward to celebrating by offering a series of workshops and events November 14th-16th. We hope you can join us!

Tuesday , November 14th

Jaycob Arbogast

CFP®, MBA Director, Center for Excellence in Finance, California State University, Chico

“Starting your Side Hustle – Making the Numbers Work”

Stoble Workplace: Chico, CA

10 AM – 11:30 AM

Jessica Henman

Jessica Henman Law

Entrepreneurial Law for Startups: “You Started a Business, Now What?”

We will be kicking off Global Entrepreneurship Week with a workshop focused on Entrepreneurial Law for Startups with local expert Jessica Henman, Jessica Henam Law.

In this session Jessica will go over these things to consider when launching a new business:⁠

– What type of entity should it be? ⁠

– What forms are necessary? ⁠

– Is this going to be a partnership? ⁠

– How do I even go about creating a partnership? ⁠

⁠and more! ⁠

Stoble Workplace: Chico, CA

1 PM – 2:30 PM

Wednesday, November 15th

1 Million Cups Chico

Presenter: Fresh Haven, LLC


411 Main Street, Suite 100

9 AM

Founded in Chico CA by 6 unique undergraduate students from California State University Chico. The founders’ vision to start a business with the values of honesty, social responsibility, and being environmentally friendly sparked the idea of Fresh Haven.  

Over 14.5 million tons of plastic pollute our oceans every year in the United States. Instead of being part of the problem they choose to be part of the solution and help in reducing single-use plastics.

Grow with Google:

Habilidades Digitales Para Tareas Cotidianas

Online Only

10 AM – 11 AM

Featured GEW Event!

Precision Ag Day: Women in Ag + Ag Tech

Chico State College of Agriculture

Chico State University Farm

9 PM – 12 PM: Welcoming Remarks & Company Demonstrations

1 PM – 5 PM: Women in Ag/Ag Tech

Presented by ChicoSTART, California State University and Chico State Center for Entrepreneurship 

Precision Ag Day, sponsored by Trimble, showcases the industries latest advancements in precision agriculture to Northern California producers and agriculture members. We are excited to welcome farmers, ranchers, students, industry affiliates to the Chico State University Farm to learn about new technologies available to the industry as well as attend the 1st Women in Agriculture/AgTech event featuring panel discussions and presentations from ag and technology entrepreneurs. 

“There is high demand in the North State for a formal community of women in Ag and Ag/Tech.  ChicoSTART, as the North State Accelerate Inclusive Innovation Hub heard the clear demand and acted on it.  We are excited to sponsor this event and even more excited to have this event with our host CSU Chico University Farm.  This event will leverage their annual Precision AG Day and have speakers from all over the North State. We will cover a broad range of topics – info on a local Ag accelerator AgStart, several women entrepreneurs sharing their entrepreneurial journey in farming and ranching with featured speaker Julia Violech, of Capay Farms.  We’ll be ending the event with a subject matter expert on topic of “Artificial Intelligence:  What’s Practical”. – ChicoSTART, 2023 Sponsor

Anne Hilton, Owner,

California Peony Co.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It In Ag    

Regina Hanna, Owner,

Crown H Cattle

The Unlikeliest To Run A Ranch

Julia Violich, VP & CFO

Capay Farms

Making the Numbers Work in AG

John Selep, President


Food, Ag + Innovation Accelerator  

Brad Ledford, Founder,


Artificial Intelligence: “What’s Practical – Tools You Can Use Today”

Thursday, November 16th

Jeff Boian,

Manager, People Solutions, Morrison

Entrepreneurial Wellbeing:

“Creating Systems of Personal Care While Building Successful Companies”

Stoble Workplace: Chico, CA

1 PM – 2:30 PM

In this session, Jeff will explore healthy and helpful approaches to ensuring entrepreneurs are caring for themselves and others while building successful, impactful companies that ultimately lead to building better functioning societies.

Butte Valley Supply

Ribbon Cutting

2252 Clark Road, Butte Valley, CA

5:30 PM

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