ChicoSTART’s California Inclusive Innovation Hub Program (iHub2)

The iHub2 Network is a vital part of ChicoSTART’s efforts to enhance the North State’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and connectivity to other centers of innovation and economic game changers across the state. Our iHUB2 designated service area is comprised of 20+ counties in the North State.

This is a tremendous resource and gives ChicoSTART state-wide visibility and access to the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GoBIZ) as well as Californian Office of Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA). The uniqueness of our iHub is that it is 97% rural. The purpose of our iHub relates directly to entrepreneurialism and the inclusive ecosystem that needs to be built to assist in transforming the North State’s economy. 

We are excited to have been recently awarded this designation and look forward to planning and developing an equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look forward to helping the North State start, grow and thrive!

iHub2 Overall Program Goals:

  • Build an equitable and inclusive innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in underserved regions of the state focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Drive inclusive economic growth and increase opportunities for emerging industries focused on the growth of green industries and health sector jobs.
  • Close the private investment gaps when it comes to raising seed capital for research and development for diverse founders by leveraging the iHubs2 ecosystem which will include strategic investment partners.
  • Grow the number of small businesses and innovation startups using technology as a tool to solve industry problems in a specific region.
  • Help accelerate an inclusive and just transition to clean energy and renewable energy, clean technology, and clean agriculture with a focus on diverse founders.
  • Build a strong infrastructure for the commercialization of new and innovative products in the state of California developed by diverse founders.

ChicoSTART iHUB2 Program Goals:

  • Increase the number of social enterprises in the small business and startup ecosystem focused on producing positive environmental and social impacts and bringing the most innovative solutions to scale.
  • Building the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Stronger ties to the community college system
  • Leverage UC and CSU initiatives
  • Provide access to entrepreneurial resources by expanding the ChicoSTART footprint with our “Accelerated By” series
  • Workshops on key industry sector programs and translating resources from English to Spanish and later, from English to Hmong

For more information and a list of all iHUB2 designees visit: California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CALOSBA).

We can help you leverage this resource! email eva@chicostart.com

Diversity, Equity Inclusion & Connectivity

ChicoSTART is one of 10 CA GO-Biz iHub’s awarded this designation, representing 20+ counties. ChicoSTART’s focus will be to build the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem for equitable access to entrepreneurial resources with inclusive ecosystem expansion into our rural and diverse communities. This will include growing ChicoSTART’s growTECH initiative throughout the region.

ChicoSTART Service Map

iHub2 Partners

Our Region

We are located in Chico, California and proudly serve 20+ counties in Northern California via our iHub2 designation.

Address: 411 Main St, Chico CA, 95928

Phone Number: (530)924-5100

Email: Info@chicostart.com

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