On-demand Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series

On-demand Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series for the North State

A virtual series of workshops designed to teach participants about building the foundation of a new enterprise. This Virtual Toolkit Series guides participants through hands-on activities to build an understanding of proven startup tools and apply them to their own businesses. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, or an established business owner wanting to brush up on your skills, the Virtual Toolkit Series is for you.


Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series – Session 1:

Customer Segments, Customer Problems and The Founding Team

  • Learn how to ensure your proposed solution maps to a customer problem/need. This is known as the Problem-Solution Fit.
  • The bigger the problem, the bigger the market opportunity.
  • Explore how the leading strategic innovation methods, such as Lean/ Business Model Canvas, can help uncover your key customer segments and problems that need solving.
  • Examine your leadership team and the strengths and weaknesses that they bring to your business

Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series – Session 2:

Unique Value Proposition, Solution, Existing Alternatives, Early Adopters, Jobs-To-Be-Done, & Assumptions

  • Document your offering, its key features that solve the customers’ problems/needs, and determine what unique competitive advantage you might have
  • Learn Design Thinking concepts such as brainstorming and practice creating prototypes of a new product/service
  • Deploy the Lean Startup framework and define your minimum viable product (MVP)

Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series – Session 3:

Go-to-Market Strategies, Ideation, Traction, Experiments, and The Offer

  • Understand how to get your offering to the market through the correct channels
  • Determine how to get, keep and grow customer relationships
  • Identify your early adopters
  • Learn to test and validate your Product-Market Fit

Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series – Session 4:

Revenue, Costs, Key Metrics, and Financial Projections

  • Review how you capture revenue, and identify your cost drivers
  • Determine your key metrics and prove that your offering solves problems or fills needs
  • Document realistic near-term financial projections so that investors can see your potential

Virtual Entrepreneurship Toolkit Series – Session 5:

Pitching, Accomplishments, Unfair Advantage, and Funding Needs

  • Create your pitch deck, practice pitching to a mentor, and get direct feedback on your story
  • List accomplishments to date, including any sales or market traction
  • Show Business Model Fit: Understand how you create, deliver, and capture value

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