About ChicoSTART!

We strive to make Chico a community where problem solvers and innovators have what they need to thrive, in order to lead our business ecosystem to explosive success.

Our Mission

We support and enrich Northern California’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and provide startups with the resources they need to succeed.

Our Platform

Shared office amenities, mentoring, workshops, internships, tech talks, student to business projects, entrepreneurial events, think tanks and satellite office programs.

Our Ecosystem

We are investors, technologists, entrepreneurs, students, educators, support organizations, local businesses and mentors. We partner with many entities that support budding entrepreneurs in not only the tech space, but also clean energy, clean tech, Ag tech, sustainability, smart cities, nanotechnology & manufacturing.

Our Values

We love what we do and live by our values


We are problem solvers, creators, and bravely determined.


We do what we love and do it because it makes the world a better place.


We respect each other and our humanity, and are proud to be in this movement together.


We get things done and pick ourselves up at every fail and pivot in order to move forward and succeed.

Startups in our Network

iHUB2 Inclusion Innovation Hub

We are located in Chico, CA serving 20+ counties in the North State under our iHUB2 designation. Learn more HERE!


ChicoSTART Team

Eva Shepherd-Nicoll

Executive Director

Heather Ugie

Marketing & BizOps

Idalee Montgomery

Project Assistant

Nathan Davis

Web Developer

Andrew Ediger

Web Development & Social Media Intern

Isaac Hernandez

Marketing Intern

Bernice Alejandra Jimenez

Marketing Intern

George Bell

Marketing Intern

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411 Main St, Chico, CA 95928



(530) 924-5100

ChicoSTART Partners

Address: 411 Main St, Chico CA, 95928

Phone Number: (530)924-5100

Email: Info@chicostart.com

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