Chicostart Incubation Program

No matter what phase of the startup life cycle your business is in we can plug you into our Incubation Program to catapult your success. Our world class mentors are here for you. Our specially designed program includes fundamentals from our experience and these methodologies:

Our experience and findings while launching 18 startups in the last 5 years

Eric Reis’s Lean Methodology

Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneur

The Process

The program begins with your application. If you are selected, your initial assessment with one of our professional mentors will help get you aligned into one of our startup life cycle phases. Peer startup groups will help you along as well as our mentors that excel within their field of expertise or startup life cycle phase. Accountability via advisory meetings, Key Performance Indicator / KPI’s and more will hold you to the path and the process.

What phase are you in?

Problem / Solution Fit

MVP / Minimum Viable Product


Product / Market Fit

Scaling / Maturity

Let us help you START. GROW. THRIVE.



Are you our next Chicostart Success Story? If so, apply for our Incubation Program to get all the tools and support you need to launch and make it happen!

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”

-Art Williams

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