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What makes your business a GREAT fit for ChicoSTART Partnership? 

1. Your business would like to invest in the growth of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

2. Your business would like to be more engaged and finds value in our entrepreneurial ecosystem audience and in the community.

3. Your business would like to support and contribute to the expansion of ChicoSTART Programs created for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses to nourish their ideas and reach their business goals.

4. Your business can provide a direct resource to support the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

5. Let’s GrowTECH! Your business would like to foster the growth of the tech industry through GrowTECH and expand its reach in the region. 

6. Your business would like to contribute to educating our entrepreneurial ecosystem by having the opportunity to speak at a ChicoSTART/GrowTECH workshop or event. 

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Our partners are recognized all year and include additional GrowTECH FEST partnership.










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Donating with Confidence

We are a 501c3 nonprofit (Chico Economic Planning Corporation DBA ChicoSTART) dedicated to providing needed resources to startups and entrepreneurs.

ChicoSTRAT relies on support from individuals, businesses, the City of Chico, CSUC, and Butte College to fulfill its mission. In the past 4 years, we have successfully launched 14 startups and created 95 jobs. You can help us continue to positively impact our community and support the individuals who solve problems in new innovative ways.

Remember all donations are tax deductible via 501c3 status Chico Economic Planning Corporation DBA ChicoSTART!

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