Startup Profile: Compini - Chicostart

Patrick Carroll, founder of Compini is looking to change the way organizations interact with their employees. Compini provides secure, private, and moderated forums for employees to engage openly and anonymously while simultaneously helping upper management adjust their businesses strategies from the feedback provided. The forum is real time, and emphasizes  focusing on the organization as a whole rather than the individuals. It is designed to help large companies that have too many employees make it possible to interface with.

Patrick stresses that Compini is in no way trying to replace face-to-face interaction, but to help in situations where an organic cultural conversation is difficult to cultivate due to the vast number of people in the organization.

Patrick made the choice to come to Chico, and Chicostart in particular due to a number of reasons. He wanted a small town near a university, but chose to use Chicostart as his business incubator because although it was near the university, it is not necessarily affiliated with it, allowing for a greater diversity. Within the Chicostart culture there aren’t just twenty- somethings creating apps. There are entrepreneurs of all ages, working on a large range of businesses. He relishes that people here are working on a broad spectrum of offerings, representing all kinds of demographics, and everyone gets along well. Being able to come into a place with the lights on, a working internet ready to go, and mentors available to guide you is invaluable. Patrick ended saying “to come into a community and feel welcomed, it’s been great”.

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