Work Truck Solution - Chicostart

Work Truck Solutions has been one of our biggest success stories.  While at Chicostart they grew their team to 12 people and landed some serious funding from a Venture Firm in Detroit.  After their graduation they moved into down town Chico office space.  Their team has steadily been growing and just recently their dev team moved back into Chicostart while they modified their office to fit more employees.  They are now up to 35 employees and growing!

Work Truck Solution provides world-class, industry-specific, outsourced business processes that connect all truck chassis manufacturers (regardless of make) with specialized work truck body manufacturers. We enable distributors, at all levels, to seamlessly locate, acquire, account for, and deliver the Right Truck to the Right Buyer. Work Truck Solution has cross-industry/international business knowledge, skilled Industry experts, and is utilizing state-of-the-art cloud technology. Work Truck Solution is connecting the work truck industry to the 21st Century.