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Whether you are a teacher, an e-commerce marketer, a game developer, or a medical professional,  meaningful engagement with your “customer” is the first step in establishing trust and loyalty and developing efficacy and success.  Unfortunately, the legacy of industrial-age  mass marketing and the limitations of its standardization are still with us in both thought and practice.  To make us behave in ways that serve their interests, and perhaps not our own, the customer is often objectified and manipulated by enticements and extrinsic reward systems.   PlayNovation® is changing that through a new “precision engagement design” with widespread cross-sector applications.


Play is Mother Nature’s design for deep engagement, and it is a fundamental survival drive.  Knowing how a person plays, or if they are play deprived, is fundamental to authentically engaging with that person.  PlayNovation uses its proprietary IP and the transdiscipline of Play Science to identify and spark human intrinsic motivation and authentic engagement, while recursively curating experiences, products and services attuned with each person’s intrinsically motivated engagement patterns.


PlayNovation’s co-founders Kristen Cozad and Stuart Brown MD are associated with The National Institute for Play where over 50 years of transdisciplinary play research is collated and synthesized.  Kristen Cozad and Stuart Brown present on Play Science and consult with companies all over the world, such as IKEA, Merck, Toyota, PayPal, Mattel, Google and more.  Dr. Brown co-teaches From Play to Innovation at Stanford’s Hasso Plattner Institute for Design, the, a design thinking institute.


For more information and to learn more about PlayNovation applications, contact co-founder, Kristen Cozad