Nadir Nimrod - Chicostart

Nadir is the Director of Engineering and Customer Support for Nanomotion Inc. He joined the company in 1999, when it was still a very young start up. Nadir has played a leading role in introducing, promoting and supporting the company’s Piezo-Ceramic Motor technology, helping to grow its business in North America twenty-fold.

Nadir holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics for Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. During his 40-year career Nadir has gained experience in embedded systems hardware and software design, power electronics, precision motion control systems and mentoring of young engineers.

Nadir has been learning, practicing and teaching mindful communication skills. By using deep and empathic listening to customers and colleagues, being patient and steadfast while avoiding judgement, Nadir succeeded in building long-lasting relationships, managed challenging technical situations, and transformed them into success and repeat business.

Through steadfastness, technical savvy, deep commitment to customers’ needs and honed communication skills, Nadir has moved numerous prospects into becoming loyal customers, among which are Intel, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Hitachi, Agilent, KLA and Zeiss.

Nadir is looking forward to mentor Chico Start entrepreneurs in the art of attracting and retaining customers through a winning combination of technical excellence (“hard skills”) and relationship-building and maintenance (“soft skills”).