Aircraft Extrusion - Chicostart

Aircraft Extrusion company and founder Michael Sealey were a blast while they launched their business at Chicostart.  We will miss them but are happy to watch their team grow!

“The unique culture of ChicoStart has been instrumental in the growth of the Aircraft Extrusion Company by attracting like-minded folks with entrepreneurial backgrounds.”

-Founder Michael Sealey

We are the largest extrusion inventory of any distributor. We have over 50,000 aircraft quality aluminum extrusion part numbers warehoused strategically in seven facilities totaling over 170,000 square feet worldwide. So we’re your most comprehensive source for AND’s seat and cargo track, and special shapes. And now, we’re also your single source for the widest array of roll-formed stringers, angles and channels

But our value to your operation is not built on weight of inventory alone. Aircraft Extrusion has over 45 years specialization in aerospace extrusion and materials management, and is uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of support services- everything from Kan-ban type JIT delivery for air-frame manufactures to A.O.G. (aircraft on ground) service for airline repair stations.