Michael Coogan - Chicostart

 I am a growth-minded entrepreneur, business leader, and coach. I have spent the last 30+ years of my life in leadership roles with both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. I love the process; growing personally, helping others grow and growing the businesses and organizations I’m involved with.

I have successfully started and been involved in over a dozen businesses as well as invested and provided leadership and guidance for startups.

As Managing Partner for MC2, my primary role is to provide strategic direction, vision, and guidance for our team.

Specialties / Areas of Focus
– Leadership
– Entrepreneurship
– Business Development
– Strategic Thinking
– Leadership Development

– Executive Coaching
– Demand Generation
– Public SpeakingOn a personal level, I’m a husband, father, grandfather, learner, songwriter, worship leader, golfer, fly-fisherman, movie producer and sometimes comedian. I enjoy exploring new experiences, getting to be creative and being better tomorrow than I am today.