Liatrio - Chicostart

Liatrio has a wonderful come back to Chico story.  Chris Blackburn graduated from Chico State and launched Liatrio in San Francisco.  Since they were doing dev ops consulting it was very expensive for them to scale in the high salary competitive Bay Area.  Chris remembered his great days in Chico and had an idea to leverage their Computer Science students early and train them as interns but this would require a satellite office and management in Chico.  Enter Chicostart!!  Chris found us online and we were able to get him connected with the right people on campus to find his first set of interns in the Spring of 2016.  Chicostart made it easy for his interns to have ready to go office space complete with other like minded techies to keep them focussed.  In the year that Liatrio was at Chicostart they were able to add new interns each semester and to take time to hire the right manager of this new satellite team.  They have now grown to 10 people and moved into their new office space in downtown Chico!  We are so happy for them and look forward to helping grow more satellite tech offices in Chico!

Liatrio is a niche consulting firm helping enterprises enable DevOps practices to deliver services cheaper, quicker, better. They are utilizing Chico State’s students and Chico’s low cost of doing business to launch a satellite office here in Chico!