iHeartus - Chicostart

iHeartus has been doing great at Chicostart and getting wonderful coaching and intros to investors.  They are actively seeking new investment rounds and have moved to Redding California!  They have now moved into our partner and collaborator the Venture Hub!

They say that love knows no boundaries. Cassandra and Steve Soars have a unique love story: they met in Africa, though both originally from the state of Pennsylvania, and they spent the next five years in Africa working with the poor. The idea of their social media platform for couples, iheartus, developed out of their need to spend intentional time focusing on each other and their ongoing love story in the midst of extreme poverty and need.

iheartus is a social media platform (website and mobile app) designed for couples to share their love stories, plan date nights, remember their favorite moments through a scrapbook feature and connect with other couples.  Each couple has a profile where they are able to share their story—but the story is not just a “how we met” section. The story is ongoing, with new moments waiting to be added. By using a simple hashtag with a title, the site creates a scrapbook of the couple’s moments. For instance, when using the hashtag “date night” (#datenight) the website creates a scrapbook of all of the couple’s posted date night photos.

As for competitors, there’s nothing quite like this for couples.

“I’ve researched competing apps and websites that target the same audience, and most of them center around private communication between the couple,” Cassandra says.

One of the biggest challenges they’ve faced is bootstrapping the company without initial funding, but they are just about ready to take their first investment, and Cassandra and Steve are looking forward to “continually moving forward.”

For more information on iHeartUs, visit their website at iHeartUs.com OR contact Cassandra Soars at cassandra@iheartus.com