Declan Dunn - Chicostart

Declan Dunn is a pioneering insider in the fields of digital marketing, corporate performance enhancement and online education since 1995. This unusual skill set allows him to bring people together in business settings large and small, enhance their relationships, and then empower them to monetize those relationships.

Today he helps companies by growing their audience, identifying key revenue models, and executing the plan while building data assets that add value. The key is integrating digital – social and mobile connections – into the traditional Internet business model. He is called in to conduct business development and recommend key paths for growth, helping 8 companies go IPO or get acquired His passionate presentations based on results have been shared from San Francisco to Shenzhen, Australia, London, and at major industry conferences. He is also the founder of one of the first social networks dedicated to education in 1995, recognized by Adobe for its Social Impact in Media, which has taught over 50 million 6-12th grade students worldwide.