Dave Piper - Chicostart

Dave Piper has been in the revenue and capital generating business of launching new products, starting new companies, and raising private capital for 19 years. Originally leaving a lucrative position as Director of Research and Development of a leading edge respiratory technology company, Dave Piper started a product development company that manufactured and licensed innovative technologies. He eventually found EVIT Labs, Inc on an innovative Shock Wave Aerosol Technology that he invented. Dave Piper then successfully closed three separate rounds of funding with north valley private equity sources.

Dave Piper has since presided over the growth and development of Piper Medical Products, a specialty testing and engineering lab. Many of Piper Medical Products’s customers have had relationships with Dave Piper going back more than twenty years. Dave Piper has extensive and wide varying expertise in the areas of private equity money raising, intellectual property development, business strategy, research & development, project management, and business development.