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Founded in 2014, Creek has created a proprietary web platform, like WordPress, but specifically for building radio station websites. Websites created with this platform, also named Creek, are equipped with digital tools to help radio stations solve a host of problems involving radio content and station management. Radio stations get highly functional websites, save time managing their staff and DJs, and reduce the costs of broadcasting by using Creek-powered websites.

With very little marketing, the company has acquired 22 client radio stations and has worked closely with each station to become an expert at solving radio-website problems.

Creek is aiming to rapidly expand its client base by developing several key projects, one which enables Creek digital tools to be licensed and used in non-Creek powered websites. Furthermore, Creek is acquiring a small company with over 40 radio stations, and will begin migrating these stations into Creek’s platform starting in March 2016. Creek is a locally owned company, operated by two Chico State graduates, and started off by working with local stations including Chico’s KZFR 90.1 and Chico State’s KCSC student-powered radio.