CloudCoin - Chicostart

Easiest, Most Private, Safest!
The First Cloud-Based Electronic Currency

CloudCoins cannot be counterfeited or double-spent.

CloudCoin transactions are completely private! Not Pseudo-Anonymous like Blockchains. You don’t need an account.

Transactions are not tracked in Blockchains! There are no public ledgers! Blockchains such as Bitcoin are Pseudo-Anonymous; you have to create an account and download software as well as a huge public ledger. Your account information is available to the public. All they have to do is link you to the account number by getting at your software.

With CloudCoin, there is no information linked to users. The only data RAIDA records is the last year and month (not the day or time) a unit was spent and this information is overwritten every time the unit is spent. It is impossible to link any person to any expenditure.

CloudCoins are really easy to buy, spend and sell. You don’t need special software.

CloudCoin does not require encryption!

CloudCoins become impossible to steal if you encrypt them! They can be recovered if you lose them.

The infrastructure of CloudCoin is self-funded by allowing Quorum members to jointly scavenge lost CloudCoins (CloudCoins that have not been spent or checked in years) to pay for their operations.

CloudCoins can be embedded into customizable JPG images.

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