Christopher Morton - Chicostart

Chris Morton is an engineer at heart. He studied electrical engineering at UC Davis, graduated at the peak of the internet boom and headed to Silicon Valley. He first went to IBM, but quickly took the leap to startups right before the dot com crash. Fortunately the startup he joined, Andiamo, was acquired for nearly $1 billion. Chris decided to shake up life and moved near Duke to do his MBA in 2007. Once there, he sold real estate and worked on his own company during those two years. The SF bay area called him back after Duke and he started Cube, a company he took through Y Combinator in 2012. He got pushed out of that company, started working in Bitcoin, and joined two Stanford CS sophomores to found BlockScore. His team took BlockScore through Y Combinator in 2014. BlockScore is best known for its phone-number-based identity verification service called Cognito. Cognito returns name, address, date of birth, and SSN to business that use it including most cryptocurrency companies and other services such as Nextdoor and BBVA Bank.