Andrew March - Chicostart
Andrew March is a Co-founder of Compini (, an anonymous employee feedback platform trusted by thousands of employees and management teams to improve how candid feedback is shared to strengthen company culture and improve business performance.
Andrew is an experienced people-centric leader having led companies from inception to exit. His background spans from HR tech, consumer mobile apps, FinTech investment banking to enterprise software sales. He has raised, or help raise, millions of dollars of venture capital, advised founding teams on strategic initiatives and his passion is leading high-performance teams while focusing on building amazing company cultures.
Focus areas. Helping founders…
– Define and prioritize the right goals at the right time in the business’ lifecycle
– Personal growth and development
– Overall business strategy at the early stages
– Communicating the business
– Fundraising analysis
– Financial projections
– Investor pitch planning
– Market analysis
– Unit economics
– Product/service pricing
– Pitch development
– Identifying and securing initial customers
– Scaling sales processes (strategy, planning, tools, execution)
– Pricing and strategy
– Negotiations
– Defining and developing company culture (people, process, etc.)
– Identifying potential founder issues (finding co-founders, making early hires, etc.)
– Creating well-aligned performance plans (compensation, metrics, etc.)