NorCal SBDC Finance Center - Chicostart

Chicostart is pleased to announce they have access to more financial tools for startups and small businesses by being a part of the NorCal SBDC Finance Center. NorCal SBDC Finance Center is headquartered in Humboldt, CA. Eva Shepherd-Nicoll,  Executive Director at Chicostart, is also a Regional Advisor for the NorCal SBDC Finance Center. As such, this allows access and support for 36 counties in Northern California. This designation increases consistency with financial institutions, lenders, and economic development corporations for startups and small businesses.

“Having this NorCal SBDC Finance Center designation really enables more direct financial assistance for the NorCal region and for our community,” says Shepherd-Nicoll. “We are so grateful for this, especially in the time of COVID-19 and the direct access to disaster program assistance that is also available directly to our region.” 

Eva Shepherd-Nicoll