Incubation Program - Chicostart

Startup Incubation Process


It all begins with our online application!  Our advisory board helps vet our incoming members.  Once a startup is approved we align them with one of our mentors that can help with their immediate needs to complete our initial benchmarking review.  This review is attended by our Chicostart director and establishes a baseline for which to track progress.  This is the point at which upcoming critical milestones are identified and tracked and we begin the process of helping you to succeed!  Through our mentors and our established business connections we will help you overcome your most pressing obstacles.  Typical incubation to graduation periods range from 6-18 months.

In order to keep our incubator on track we also collect business metrics on ourselves and our processes. This allows us to report on impact to economic health and ensures effectiveness.

Mentoring / Benchmarking

Each new Chicostart member is initially benchmarked and set on a course to complete their critical milestones.  Our Mentors visit Chicostart on a regular basis to provide direct leadership to our Chicostart members. Each mentor commits to 1 visit per month for 1-2 hours. Chicostart members can schedule time with the mentors to get feedback on all areas of entrepreneurial-ship. They provide mentoring on Marketing, Pitching, Legal, HR, Technology, Payroll, Finance, Funding, Idea generation, Troubleshooting and more! Check out our Resident Mentors and their profiles.

Entreprenuerial Events

We have many events that help establish Chicostart as an Entrepreneurial hub for Northern California.  olden Triangle Region.  Our goal is to create exciting opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to gain knowledge and get connected, all in the spirit of accelerating economic growth in Rural Northern California. All of our programs and events can be found on our Events Calendar.

Through our pitch events, workshops, and monthly hangs, Chicostart brings the best and brightest business minds, venture capitalists, and successful entrepreneurs from inside and outside the north-state region. We aim to keep our entrepreneurial community on top of the latest trends, tools, and ideas. Don’t miss the next one!

Startup Resources

We have an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders that provide us with their most prized tools and resources to share exclusively with our members.  Even our most basic membership allows you access to this rich resource.