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Together we grow, support and connect the thriving tech and entrepreneurial hub in Chico and Northern California.  growTECH is convened by Chicostart.



growTECH is an industry lead partnership between tech and entrepreneur industry leaders and supporting community organizations modeled after Next Gen Sector Partnerships.

Together we grow, support, and connect the thriving tech and entrepreneurial hub in Chico & Northern California.
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WHY/WHO:  Our tech and entrepreneur sector is a catalyst for the success of our economy because of its ability to scale quickly and create high paying jobs.  The Partnership includes existing and emerging companies in the greater Chico area that have an investment in tech talent, whether the company has tech as a product, service or biz ops.  The Partnership drives strategies that act on industry identified opportunities and challenges.  It also provides a physical and social platform for this community to share and collaborate on events, challenges, successes, people, processes, and results.

We are led by qualifying tech and entrepreneur businesses and facilitated and held to account by Chicostart.  We are assisted by agencies that support these businesses, economic & workforce development groups, and educators like Butte College and CSUC.  While the Partnership is business and employer driven these support organizations have the resources to respond to our sectors needs where appropriate.


  1. TALENT –  Leverage our local existing talent pools.  Educate them appropriately, expose them to local tech biz / startup opportunities, retain them.
  2. POSITION OUR REGION AS A THRIVING TECH HUB –  Create industry inclusive marketing strategy around our tech sector to be used for external and internal recruiting.  
  3. UNITED TECH COMMUNITY NETWORK–  Bring together and foster our industry network; share best practice, b2b collaboration, and events.  Share in the creation and implementation of our agenda with an improved relationship with our support partners.
  4. IMPROVED INFRASTRUCTURE TO SUPPORT TECH–  Air travel, gigabit fiber, property
  5. EXPLORE PROMISING EMERGING TECH MARKETS–  Ag tech, Smart Cities, Healthy Lifestyles, social entrepreneurism etc.


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 2.35.56 PMThe growTECH ( Directory provides listing of companies and startups with tech teams in our area to showcase the truly diverse and thriving tech sector that call our region home.  This listing will help expose the depth of our tech and entrepreneur industry sectors to allow more B2B and collaborative efforts as well as drive talent attraction and retention.  COMING SOON!


These programs help connect tech talent within and without the community into our local business pool at the same time supporting local students and talent retention/attraction.  Here are some growTECH programs:

Chico’s Open Source Consortium – a partnered effort with CSUC and local business where students work with tech business teams to develop open source libraries.

Project based work Butte / CSUC – brings together student teams to work on technology projects for technology business teams.  This fosters student awareness for staying in town as well as job placement and student credit opportunities.  It’s a wonderful pathway to teaching relevant technology and team skills.

Internships Butte/CSUC – facilitates a strong internship placement opportunity for students to startups and tech-based business.

Tech job placement for software teams – Creative job placement programs, talent matching.


Chicostart helps facilitate tech events and conferences.  Our first was with Michael Lopp.  More to come in the Fall of 2017. 


Chicostart offers an offsite facility to help teams innovate new tech development and to provide an objective space for innovation during new technology migration efforts.  Contact us for more information:


Technology-based training programs leveraging local training groups as well as outsourced solutions to fill in the gaps.  The scope of needed tech training is collected and coordinated through local tech and startup employers via our growTECH Coalition and is supported by public organizations where appropriate like the Training Place.

Please contact to learn more about these programs and growTECH.