Frequently Asked Questions - Chicostart

What is Chicostart?

Chicostart is a business incubator focused on startups in the tech industry, offering shared office space and office amenities such as Wi-Fi, VOIP phones, conference rooms, and white boards. We help incubate startups with our mentoring, workshops and industry leader speaker events.

How much does a space at Chicostart cost?

Membership fees depend on the package a startup selects. Each package varies in cost and services.  See our Memberships for more information.

What are the benefits of a membership at Chicostart?

The benefits of a membership at Chicostart include giving startups a Downtown Chico address, a collaborative space with likeminded individuals, access to business professionals and potential investors, and advice from individuals with experience in the tech and entrepreneurial industry.

What services does Chicostart provide for its members?

The services provided byChicostart for its members are numerous. Startup incubator services include an impressive list of mentors, workshops and benchmarking tools to keep your startup moving forward.  Depending on the package you select, benefits include 24/7 access to the office space, access to all community events, dedicated workstation space, and hours of reserved conference room timer per month.

Why are tech start-ups important to Chico?

The impact tech has had on the world is tremendous, both bettering peoples’ lives and creating extremely profitable companies. In order for an economy to compete in today’s world, an investment in tech is an investment in a region’s economic future.

What is the process of becoming a member of Chicostart?

To become a member of Chicostart, you must fill out our application. This application is available on our website here and is used primarily to see if your startup fits the mold of what Chicostart is about. Once your application has been reviewed, you may receive an interview about your startup in order to fully discuss the ins-and-outs of your business. Potential members will be given a tour of the Chicostart office and membership packages will be discussed.

What types of tech businesses is Chicostart looking for?

Chicostart is primarily looking for Web- and mobile-based tech start-ups, but is open to all niches in the tech field. All applications will be reviewed and interviews will be performed in order to build the tech-base here in Chico.