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CANCELLED: Due to the devastating fire we are canceling til after thanksgiving. Stay safe and sound.

Tech Talk will be looking at the

ESP8266 NodeMcu Lua CP2102 WIFI Internet Development Board Wireless Module works with Arduino IDE/Micropython

What will you create? Here is some information about the ESP8266

ESP8266 is a Wi-Fi SoC integrated with a Tensilica Xtensa LX106 core

ESP8266EX (simply referred to as ESP8266) is a system-on-chip (SoC) which integrates a 32-bit Tensilica microcontroller, standard digital peripheral interfaces, antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters and power management modules into a small package.

– Relatively powerful for it’s size/cost.
– Large community
– Good documentation/Support
– WiFi supported (including low level)
– Easy programming
– Works from most usb power sources
– Low power and super low power sleep mode
– Great for IoT
– Inexpensive

Hardware (common configuration)
– 80/160Mhz
– 4MB Flash
– 64KB Ram
– WiFi b/g/n (AP and Host Modes) 2.4Ghz

Common Firmware
AT Command Set (original firmware)  — interesting example designs — 12 Year Support Commitment

Espressif – manufacturer of ESP8266 SoC (System on Chip)
ESP8266 – SoC module produced by Espressif (many devices are based on this chip)
Ai-Thinker – Packages the ESP8266 into a useful module (ESP-XX (01-14))
NodeMCU – ‘dev kit’ board and lua firmware for the Ai-Tinker ESP8266 modules.  Useful when prototyping. When project development is complete, those components are not needed and the cheaper ESP-xx modules are a lower power, smaller footprint option for production runs.
 – The ESP8266’s behavior can be customized via firmware.
Espressif SDK – C code to create Firmware for the ESP8266
ESP-01 ~ ESP-14 – Ai-Tinker modules.

HW/SW Stack
[Expressif ESP8266] -> [Ai-Tinker Module (eg ESP-14)] -> [NodeMCU devkit + nodemcu firmware] -> [init.lua (your code)]

Espressif (manufacturer official page):


Flashing the ESP

NodeMCU — nodemcu firmware — api


Arduino ESP8266



Learn More


Buy Online — includes battery power system


Let’s meet for our regular Tech Talk. Let me know if you have something specific needing a solution or a demo! This meetup is open to the public, topic suggestions encouraged!

Combo of tech specific discussions / presentations / or exposure of critical issue to the team for group discussion on resolution. This will be driven per need per meeting. Open to the public!

We can include demo’s when specific milestones are met.

We need to continue to keep the dialogue open about “why are we doing this?” For now this is comprised of:

-What are people working on in our community?
-What are their challenges and learnings?
-Talent: Tech companies and jobs & University Talent


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