Coworking Etiquette - Chicostart

Please email with issues related to our office environment etiquette.

Connect and Collaborate: this is a collaborative environment and we all benefit from learning about each other and helping each other when we can. You get out what you put in!

Noise Level: Be aware of your noise level and be respectful of those around you. This includes office and phone conversations as well as videos and music.

Space: Consider how much space you are taking up in shared areas, don’t go into other peoples dedicated or personal space unless invited.

Keep it Clean: Clean up after yourself in your area, kitchen, shared spaces, and conference rooms.

Be Respectful and Considerate: We are a diverse community with different backgrounds and experiences, rude jokes or bad language are not appreciated by all. Harassment is not tolerated. Interrupting members while they are working is not acceptable.

Be Resourceful: Chicostart employees are busy with multiple tasks. We are here to help but have limited time. Learn how to use the printer, shared calendar for conference rooms and google. Our mentors are available 2 hours per month for incubator members. Some mentors hold office hours and those are indicated in our shared calendar.

Participate: Be part of the community, come to events and utilize our Slack Team. Give first and you will get back tenfold. Tell others about collaborative opportunities and Chicostart services.

Communicate:Talk to your coworkers about your preferences or when something rubs the wrong way.   Tim, Wendy and Eva are available if you would like to discuss any issues or offer ideas and advice. Please email

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