Biz Bits: Chico tech incubator offering resources - Chicostart

To an entrepreneur or one in making, birthing an idea into a business can be frustrating and downright painful.

But lucky for us, this area is known as a new-idea haven, and resources abound in that birthing process, especially to tech businesses.

One is Chicostart, which actually rents space from the city of Chico. It’s in the ground floor of the city offices at 411 Main St., on the East Fifth Street side of the building.

Chief visionary is Wendy Porter, who is always on the lookout and reaching out.

Among her successes in bringing idea-meisters together are these two: Tech Talk and 1 Million Cups.

Tech Talk is a monthly meeting open to anyone. The next one is noon to 1 p.m. Thursday at the Chicostart office.

What’s particularly cool about these incubative gatherings is that sometimes there are speakers, sometimes there’s a focus on what a local entrepreneur is doing, and sometimes it’s free chat time.


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