Small Biz Triage - Chicostart

“Chicostart is not only a great place to transform raw ideas into a profitable business, it’s a nexus of the most driven entrepreneurs across the region. The two years I spent there gave me guidance and encouragement to take Small Biz Triage from 26 clients to 72 clients and growing, and launched a separate workshop career that has taken me across the country. Wendy and my Chicostart mentor, Declan pushed me to way out of my “just getting by” mode to “growth mode”.”

Small Biz Triage is obsessed with relentlessly helping small biz owners grow their kingdoms to support an independent (and generous) lifestyle, while injecting humanity into their business.

How the heck do we do that?

*Training for small business owners (One-on-One in-person, phone or via shared screen video chat sessions)
*Produce, teach and moderate panels, workshops and bootcamps on topics ranging from MailChimp to Crowdfunding to Storytelling to Authenticity.
*Support small business owners with developing and executing custom-tailored marketing and sales strategies.
*Produce uncensored content for the small biz community such as how to guides, interviews with dynamic small biz owners, and a killer monthly newsletter.

Visit: to learn more about us and our small army of awesome folks like you.